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MI14701- Bridge Financing


The client possessed a strong business background, overseeing both a comprehensive special education platform for children and their parents, as well as a private jet charter business. Seeking to improve their financial situation, the client aimed to repay an existing high-interest loan associated with the special education platform. Their goal was to secure a new loan from a bank offering more favorable terms and rates. Understanding the client's requirements, they approached Truss for assistance, seeking a bridge financing facility. This facility would enable them to repay their current loan while maintaining sufficient working capital during the process of securing the new long-term loan from the bank. Responding to the client's needs, Truss provided a bridge loan of $5,000,000, with collateral in the form of two of the client's private jets. As the client successfully secured long-term financing from the bank, Truss seamlessly exited the arrangement. This allowed the client to embark on a remarkable expansion of their business, marking a significant milestone in their journey.


Special Education Platform



Truss's Exit

United States


Truss Bridge Financing: $5,000,000

Long-Term Bank Business Expansion Loan: $20,000,000

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