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AR14703- Bridge Financing


The client successfully secured a substantial $10,000,000 Business Line of Credit (BLOC) from a highly reputable private lender with an impressive track record spanning over 20 years. This significant financial arrangement aimed to fuel the expansion of the client's specialized pharmaceutical company, empowering them to acquire additional branch locations and expand their operations. As per the BLOC terms, the client was required to pre-pay the interest on the loan, presenting them with a financial challenge. Recognizing the client's need for assistance, Truss stepped in to provide the crucial bridge financing necessary to fulfill the pre-paid requirement and facilitate the closing of the BLOC. Subsequently, Truss gracefully exited the arrangement, allowing the BLOC provider to take over and support the client's continued growth and success.


Specialty Pharmaceutical Company


BLOC (Business Line Of Credit) Provider

Truss's Exit

United States


Truss Bridge Financing: $2,700,000+

BLOC 5 Year Financing: $10,000,000

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